It’s More Than a Job

Our team is our greatest asset, and we work hard to give each member of our amazing staff the opportunity to grow within their role. We constantly give the chance to upskill and develop our employees through extensive training programmes, and because of this focus on the future, we don’t require prior experience in several key roles. 

All we ask is a commitment to care and real desire to improve our resident’s and service users lives through hard work and compassionate understanding.

Flexible Hours
Various Progression Opportunities
Open Communication with Management

If this sounds like a good fit, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always looking for energetic, caring and hard-working people who can help create a comfortable environment for our residents.


Helping our staff reach their full potential is vital to the Keane family, and that starts with training.

Each team member will be taught to excel in their given field through extensive training that includes in-house development, NHS aligned courses, and everything needed to meet the full needs of legislation. We encourage staff development with further education through e-learning in a number of areas. 

Working closely with our in-house trainer, we can provide courses such as:

  • Evolve online training course (42 different training courses)
  • Dementia Training
  • Training for Down Syndrome and Autism
  • Falls Prevention
  • Moving and Handling
  • Emergency First-aid

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I have been employed at Keane premier support services since August 2017. I am based in the community with the 2-1 team. When I was successfuly given an interview I was informed of all expectations of working in the care industry. I was given all essential training ie moving and handling and online training through evolve. During my time being employed with KPSS I found that management and my colleagues have given me determination and lead me onto the right path to have been given the opportunity to further my role with the company becoming a team leader and completing my svq2. I find working with the company a caring, friendly environment with loads of knowledge and understanding. During the past few years it has has been such a rewarding job with alot of compassion towards our clients who are all amazing to care for. 

Nicole Hannah

Camglen 2:1
I came to KPSS looking for something to do after graduating in the middle of a pandemic. They were the first company to take me under their wing with no experience whatsoever; I remember Helen telling me so long as I kept the smile I had had for the interview during my work, I would be fine. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working here and would not be leaving if it weren’t to pursue my studies someplace else. As a support worker, some days were harder than others, but I felt so very lucky every day, because if I wasn’t putting a smile on my service users’ face, they were putting one on mine. I have met some truly incredible people, created bonds I never thought were possible in such a short amount of time, and learned so much from the bravest and bubbliest individuals I have ever met. I will hold my time here very close to my heart.’

Elisa Gaillard

Young Adults
Keane have been such a great company to work for over the last 14 months and through a pandemic too.  Having had zero experience in this sector, I thought I wouldn’t even get passed the interview stage, but 14 months on I have been given an opportunity and stepped up from Support Worker to Team Leader and thats all down to the support, teaching and guidance from my Co-Ordinator and Care Manager.   Having worked in most of the areas that the company provides care packages in for clients, there are so many people, clients and families alike, that you develop a bond with, even if I havent been to them in a while they remember us “their girls” and the thank yous we get from clients and their families would melt your heart.   I have had a great experience working with Keane, yes the days are long and can sometimes be challenging, but the clients appreciation is what makes it a great job and a great company.   A great reputation amongst clients, a fab client group and the best bunch of colleagues you could ask for.

Pamela Shearer

Camglen 1:1

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