Keane Premier Group are dedicated to providing a welcoming and safe environment for our residents to ensure they feel at home. We have recently invested more than £250,000 into renovating our Ashton Grange and Greyfriars Care Homes. These renovations have allowed our residents to have more space for recreational activities, and a more pleasant, fresh environment. 

In our Ashton Grange Home, the main focuses of the renovations were to modernise the rooms and communal areas to allow our residents as many home comforts as possible.

In our Greyfriars Home, we are currently upgrading the dining area and modernizing the floorspace throughout the home, as well as updating the furniture throughout to ensure that residents have the highest standard of home comforts. As residents are encouraged to socialise and utilise the communal spaces of Greyfriars Care Home, we are building 2 additional spaces for residents to enjoy together. The care home will now have several communal areas including the main lounge and two dining rooms, a new sunroom, and a well-maintained garden area with seating, for residents and their visitors to use at any time they please.

It is important to us to maintain high living standards across all our homes, as the impact it has on our residents is hugely beneficial. Socialisation is crucial for residents to live a fulfilled life and have a happy, stress-free time in our care. By creating these extra spaces for our residents, we can help them have more control over their own routines, as well as bond and form friendships with others in our homes. This is extremely important for those feeling overwhelmed in an unfamiliar environment, and are crucial to making our residents feeling secure, respected, and stable.

A homely, clean, and welcoming aesthetic can immediately make individuals feel more comfortable and less intimidated. It also gives a strong sense of community amongst residents and makes them more inclined to socialisation. This is integral to improving the quality of care, and quality of lives our residents have. As well as a good environment, we also ensure our homes meet high standards of practicality to ensure all needs are being met, and the dignity of our residents is maintained. 

Keane Premier Group will continue to invest in our care homes, to ensure as smooth a transition as possible for our new residents, and a comfortable area for them them thrive. 

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