Since 2008, Keane Premier Group have been providing exceptional in home and live-in care across South Lanarkshire. Throughout Keane Premier Healthcare and Keane Premier Support Services, our family values intrench all our operations and decisions, guided by our person-centred approach to care. As a group, we believe in delivering the highest standard of care. We do this through providing tailored plans which meet each of those in our care’s personal needs and aspirations whilst protecting their confidentiality, dignity, and choice. We pride ourselves on the relationships we hold with residents, service users, families, the community, and our staff, all of which are built upon trust and respect.

Our 5 company values are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we take such pride in the care and services we provide. These values allow us to work collectively towards ensuring each individual under our care is treated equally and fully supported. 

Trust and Respect

We strive to offer peace of mind to our clients and their families through our focus on open communication and transparency throughout Keane Premier Group, guided by our dedication to professional integrity. Our strong reputation in the community has been developed by keeping our promise of providing exceptional, tailored care. 


At Keane Premier Group, we strive to lead by example in the care industry and within our workforce by implementing strategies which are designed to demonstrate our commitment to providing high-quality, tailored care and by continuously investing in our people, environments, and day-to-day practices. Our passionate and committed employees are our greatest asset and are supported fully by our highly experienced management team based in our head office in Cambuslang. 


We demonstrate our commitment to social inclusion for all individuals by promoting independence and positive outcomes for our service users and residents, regardless of their physical, emotional, or learning need. We ensure our care is flexible and can be adapted to individuals’ needs and aspirations, as we believe care needs are very personal. Our team make positive efforts to foster good relationships with the local communities in which we operate to promote service users and residents’ continued inclusion in society. 


Our compassionate teams ensure that service users and residents feel comfortable and safe in their own home or our care home environments, as their well-being is Keane Premier Group’s central priority. We equip all staff with the tools they need to provide our clients with the compassionate care services that they deserve.  Our staff ensure that all those in our care are listened to, treated with kindness, and provided the opportunity to be as involved in their personal care plan as they would like to be.

Since the beginning, Keane Premier Group has continued to reach and achieve new milestones. We believe this is down to the implementation of these core values, giving us a strong framework to work alongside the community. We appreciate the support we have received, and continue to receive, from our clients, friends and families of residents and our partner companies. 

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