February Edition

Whilst there is a huge amount of uncertainty in the world, Keane Premier Group like to celebrate the little things in life. This month has been full of fun and interesting events that we have loved being a part of. Let’s have a review of the month to reflect on the significance of each event.

To kick off the month of February, we had National Storytelling Week (Jan 30th– Feb 6th). Many people assume that storytelling is only for children, however, it is actually very beneficial for the health and wellbeing of our care home residents. Storytelling is a powerful tool that allows us to share stories that inspire and teach others. Not only does storytelling have educational benefits, but it has great psychological benefits too. During storytelling, people feel much more engaged, resulting in individuals feeling more upbeat and confident within themselves. All of this leads to building stronger relationships and better communication. 

Another big event for the month was LGBTQ+ History Month (Feb 1st – Feb 28th). This was an extremely important event for us, as we pride ourselves in being an inclusive employer and are passionate about raising awareness and supporting the community. Throughout the month, we were posting fun and informative resources to our social media to help educate and raise awareness.  It was great to see how many individuals and employers got involved with the event and we hope to see this continue throughout the coming years and not only for the month of February. 

On February 4th we took part in Time to Talk Day. Keane Premier Group understand that having a loved one needing care and support can be a stressful and worrisome time, which is why we encourage open communication between the family and friends of our residents and clients, as well as our carers. Time to Talk Day is a reminder for us all to get the nation talking about mental health to help people to overcome the feeling of loneliness, shame, and worthlessness that too many people with mental health issues are made to feel. It was lovely to see so many people discussing mental health to end the stigma surrounding it, which is particularly important during these troubling times.

Next up we had National Apprentice Week (Feb 8th – Feb 14th). This event was to show recognition to apprentices around the UK, as well as promote how great they can be. As part of National Apprentice Week, we took to social media to thank our Apprentices and Staff Trainers for all their hard work. We would not be able to provide the high level of support we do without the help of our Apprentices and staff that put in the time to train them. We appreciate and thank you for your dedication, resilience and commitment to Keane Premier Group and our clients.

To round off February’s celebrations, we have been taking part in You Can Care Week (Feb 22nd – Feb 28th). This week was to highlight just how amazing it is to work in care. The rewards of caregiving are far reaching, and you can make a difference in the world by doing so. We wanted to take part in promoting careers in care as we want others to see how rewarding it is. 

That’s a wrap on February’s fun. We look forward to seeing what the coming months have in store to keep putting a smile on everyone’s face and support the community. If you missed our posts, follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn to keep up with the fun!

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